Push, Pull, Action: A Small Business Social Media Strategy – Part 1- The Push

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In Part 1 of this series we discuss how to get started with Social Media Marketing for your Small Business.

In Defense of the Intel Compute Stick


The 1st Generation Intel Compute Stick got a bad wrap, but it's successor has a promising future.

B2B Sales Decisions Should be Based On Facts


Small Businesses that thrive on B2B sales face enough challenges, but "gut feelings" shouldn't be one of them.

12: The Elements of Great Managing


The concepts discussed in this quick read are applicable to any business with employees. See how it shaped decisions for us.

Audiobooks are the Busy Manager’s Best Friend

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Audiobooks provide an opportunity to advance your knowledge while not interfering with your schedule. Here's how I made it work for me.

My Rules for Business


These are the rules that I’ve developed to be my guide for our operations in business, but I believe they hold true no matter where you are [...]